Where ideas are grown

Gone are the days of simply putting up a sign to attract business, the internet has plowed new fields in which to showcase your products, tell your story, share your expertise and build relationships.


Social Media Management

Affordable, original, personalized and flexible options for management of your social media fields of opportunity with daily, weekly & monthly chores on your Facebook fan page, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest accounts.

Original Content Creation
Let’s roll up our sleeves and create content that makes you stand out from the herd.
Increase Followers
Put your marketing into “crop rotation” and visit other “farms” by liking their content and cross-promotion with friends and neighbors.
Press Releases
Once in a while you’ve gotta pat yourself on the back, show off those blue ribbons and brag.
Visual Content Marketing
Striking images help plant a seed that will flourish in your social media marketing.
Drive Website Traffic
Do people know the easiest route to your website? Let’s show them the way.
Mailchimp Newsletters
This Farm Girl is bananas when it comes to Mailchimp. This is just another way to “till” your story and another marketing crop to put into rotation.
Blog Posts
We’ll “till” your story, news, views and more from your hayloft and engage a broader audience in what you, your business and/or organization is all about.
Fan Engagement
Consider this your very own “county fair” to showcase blue ribbon moments, ask for “feed”-back and perhaps host an online “tractor pull” (contest).
Wordpress Maintenance
This is a field I’m accustomed to cultivating, so let’s harvest from this untapped field.

The Farm Girl

I am a farm girl raised north of Superior.  I’ve spent my life cultivating relationships as a community volunteer, educator and nonprofit executive.  In today’s age, networking is multi-faceted and I am here to help with not only your online presence, yet the inbox communication and the face-to-face conversations that make your success possible.