Direct sales. Now that’s a tough one.

A client approached me to help with her direct sales business.  What are direct sales?  You’ve undoubtedly been invited to parties where essential oils, candles and kitchen gadgets are peddled by your friends, right?  That would be direct sales.

Without a store front, how does one market the direct salesperson’s products?  I thought long and hard about that and devised a two-fold approach:

  1. Social media as the store front (obviously)
  2. Take the products to an actual store front

The first approach was already taking place, yet without cross-marketing with some heavier hitters on the social media scene, those products and that brand would still go unknown to countless potential clients.  By partnering with businesses and organizations, and tying those products in to what they sell and how it correlates to their mission statement we were able to sell Posh pampering products to an entirely new group of people in our community.

Cross marketing with People for Pets, a local animal shelter, allowed both Posh’s exisiting clientele to learn about the plight of homeless pets in NW Iowa, and in turn allowed all of those area animal lovers to learn that Posh never tests on animals and that a portion of their purchase would benefit the cuddly cats and dandy dogs awaiting adoption.  People for Pets has a Facebook following of over 7k. Who wouldn’t want that?  The name Posh and its independent consultant are now known to the People for Pets followers.

Taking the products to an actual store front proved both fun & profitable.  We partnered with other direct sales representative and invited women to an after-hours party at Hey, Good Cookies, a local coffee/lunch/dessert shop with the fantastic energy and clientele who would love the exquisite Posh products.  Two hours of shopping, dining, socializing and it was a win-win for both Hey, Good Cookies as well as the direct sales reps who work part-time to add to their family’s income.

We also brought the Posh products to popular attractions, businesses and landmarks within the Iowa Great Lakes.  Tagging Arnolds Park Amusement Park as Waxela is posed by the Queen II made for both a powerful and profitable patriotic post this past 4th of July!

Thinking outside of the box, cross-marketing with businesses that, on the surface, have no connection to you…that is how you reach new clients, generate leads and network. Plant the seeds, cultivate your fields and harvest those rewards by cross-marketing and taking products to the people via unconventional methods!