Your Car Isn’t At Work = You’re Not Working. WRONG!

I Don’t See Your Car, Therefore You’re Not Working.

More than one client has spoken of this misconception.  “If they don’t see my vehicle parked at my office/store, snide comments are made about my lack of work ethic.”  That’s actually far from the truth.

These clients are actually out in their community making deliveries, on service calls, networking with clients, photographing, showing properties, strategizing and checking out the competition. They’re enjoying lunch with business partners at your restaurant, delivering items to your office, repairing your computer, driving 3 hours north to pick up a t-shirt order to save you shipping costs…they’re working, trust me!

A board member at a nonprofit informed me that if I was an effective manager, my car should only be in the lot half of my work day.  To fund and friend raise, being present in the community and sharing our organization’s story face-to-face was much more valuable that sitting at my desk, he said.  Was he ever right!

So, the next time you don’t see someone’s car at their workplace, imagine all of the great work they are doing.

Josie Tahoe Horse

1 thought on “Your Car Isn’t At Work = You’re Not Working. WRONG!”

  1. Love this! Many of us are so passionate about what we do, we are in it 24/7 . To continue to grow and participate in our community, we need to be on the move. And, balance it all the best we can.

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