I WANT TO WORK THERE – Online Recruitment

I want to work for you

One may think of social media as simply a means to “sell” your products, yet a heightened and consistent social media presence also puts you at the forefront of the minds of those talented people looking for a new role in life.  You’re also promoting yourself as an employer, as well as your work environment.

A full-service salon client informed me that attracting new clients wasn’t at the top of their goal list, rather recruiting new, innovative and customer-service oriented stylists.  By sharing the services offered at the salon, as well as the professional & warm nature of the owner, we’re reaching an entirely new audience, developing a reputation by showcasing visuals of makeovers, increasing product sales AND attracting the attention of stylists relocating to our area and/or graduating from beauty school.

Flexible hours and a casual workplace are attractive to once stay-at-home parents who require a flexible schedule to take kids to and from school and extracurricular activities.  Face it, if you know you can be comfortable while at work, that’s an enormous selling point to many of us!  By posting photos of casually dressed and smiling staffers, she has been able to attract a new crew of staffers who want to contribute to the household income while still being able to spend quality time with their family.

And keep in mind, people will “creep” on your personal page, so be sure you’re posting tidbits about who YOU are not only as a business person, yet as a human being.  Show pics of your dogs, showcase your volunteer efforts, celebrate your family and be sure you are also engaging with those businesses you respect and do business with, also.

Make your social media presence more “I WANT TO WORK THERE” versus “NOW HIRING”.

Farm Girl Social Media Management can assist you in conveying that message.  Give me a call or drop me a line.  We’ll cultivate on online image for you, your organization and your business.