The pandemic.  Ugh.  While the pandemic made me transition from the peace and tranquility of an office to working from home to parent my 3 young ‘uns, it also afforded me the opportunity to be the voice of my clients digitally.  Now, more than ever, our online presence and reputation matters.

Last winter a client, and friend, decided to open a restaurant.  Literally, days after Iowa schools shut down and we were in panic mode this amazing burger joint opened.  Social distancing, masks, hand sanitizer and carry-out only a few weeks after grand opening. Pre-pandemic plans were in place to open a second locale in Nashville just a few months later.  States away, this client reached out to a Nashville marketing guru to take charge of the grand opening.  I was noticing amazing photos, witty posts and TONS of reviews coming in to both Facebook and Google.  Who was this person?  I need to pick his brain.

Our conversations started with Facebook Messenger, then texts, then Zoom meetings, phone calls and a face-to-face meeting this past October.  He brought his delightful wife, adorable children, drone, camera (I’m sure it was more expensive than my first car) and we went to work for our clients in NW Iowa.

COVid robbed us of loved ones, time, people and places.  It also gave me precious time with my children and a new friend, peer and collaborator to work with.  Check out Joey Martin at  COVid….as much as it’s taken, I’m thankful for this new perspective on marketing, partnership and kick ass friendship!