Bring Back the Network in Social Network!

Many of us get caught up in the day-to-day operations of our business that we become, well shall we say, a little self-centered. What we should all do is take a few steps back and remember that social media is also social NETWORKING.

What we do for recreation, where we enjoying dining and the other local small businesses that we frequent can result in a bumper crop of engagements, new likes to your platforms and social media reach if you begin sharing. Consider it “crop rotation” as people will tend to get bored with your posts if you’re not switching it up.

This is “The Rule of Thirds” at work.

1/3 about YOU

1/3 about YOUR passion, likes, interests

1/3 networking with your community and letting your audience know that you’re “in the know”

If you haven’t “bin” sharing, try cross-posting something as simple as your favorite coffee shop and tag both the business and a few employees. Write a glowing review and let them know that you appreciate the fact they’re in business. NETWORK!


The Farm Girl

I am a farm girl raised north of Superior. I’ve spent my life cultivating relationships as a community volunteer, educator and nonprofit executive. In today’s age, networking is multi-faceted and I am here to help with not only your online presence, yet the inbox communication and the face-to-face conversations that make your success possible.