Thinking Small

A competitor threw shade at me saying I cater to the “mom & pops” businesses.  My response?  Why, yes I do.

I’m not gonna lie.  That comment irritated me.  Irritated me beyond measure.

Small business is the backbone of any community.  It’s those friends and neighbors who help define the culture of area.  Having worked at a Chamber of Commerce for a decade, my days were spent talking to and helping Mom & Pops.  By working with them, I learned of the challenge of being a sole proprietor, yet also of the pride.  My position allowed me to visit the majority of the area businesses and learn about their services, their inventory and their message.  All were unique and quite proud of their work.

So, let’s celebrate all of those MOM & POPS out there the next time we think about ordering online or heading out of town to shop.  What goes around comes around, so spend a few extra bucks locally and THINK SMALL.  And don’t throw shade.  Roll your eyes, sigh and get on with your awesomeness!


The Farm Girl

I am a farm girl raised north of Superior. I’ve spent my life cultivating relationships as a community volunteer, educator and nonprofit executive. In today’s age, networking is multi-faceted and I am here to help with not only your online presence, yet the inbox communication and the face-to-face conversations that make your success possible.